Harness and Leash Review

I used to think that the dogs leashes attached to the collar were the best types because it helps to train dogs.

I found out I was wrong and switched to the harness type because there is research out there that the collar type could cause alot of the problems.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why:

Reason 1

Have a look at the anatomy of dogs vs ours. Pretty similar right?Why don’t you try to go for a run with a collar choking you while a fat blob (i.e. me) pulls you from behind?

Reason 2

I’m no doctor / vetenarian, but some possible repercussions could be Hypothyroidism, neck injuries, malfunction of the nervous system and more…

Now that I may have freaked you out, don’t worry. There is one very easy solution you can try today which is….

Buy a harness! So, which harness?

Front clip type

The front clip is meant to prevent the harness from slipping off for those who tend to pull from the front and also to prevent pulling because if they pull they will swivel to face you instead.

Back Clip Type

The most common harnesses, which replaces the collar type with more stability and less pressure on the neck for the dog


If you are paranoid like me, this will be your best option because it’s sturdy from both ends. My JJ has anxiety issues, which makes him tend to try to run away from things but stopping and pulling backwards. But then again he tries to run forward towards dogs aswell.. better safe then sorry right?Other than the harness types, the material of the harness can range anything from a shock absorbing mesh type to cord types.Whichever you chose, just make sure that when you first try it out you have the right size for your dog (measurements are usually included in the product details), make sure it’s not too loose, and if you are living in a congested area, maybe just try it out in your house or a enclosed space first to make sure your pooch dosen’t slip out of it.Know any other good alternatives? Write in the comments below, because I would love to hear from you

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