Pet Transport Review

Hi pet lovers!

Today I am ranking pet transportation options I have experienced in Singapore.

For those who have dogs but don’t own a car, transport can be an issue when you need to get out and about in the sunny streets of Singapore. When me and my sister go out on weekends to the dog run, visit the vet, or when we want to go to a dog cafe, a heavy fee on transportation can be a real bummer.

For cats, usually normal taxis like comfort or grab will be fine as long as they are in a cage, but for dogs that are too large to fit in a carrier the below may be a better option:


Professionalism: ★★★★★ – On time, the drivers are friendly and often help you with load luggage or pets into their vehicle.

Price: ★★ – Fares start from $27

Speed: ★★ – Approx min 30 minutes in advance

Available on the app store and google play, PetMate has a group of professional drivers whom all have some kind of background in pets, whether it’s being a pet owner or having their own pet driving business on the side.

With that said, the price is on the higher end where fares start at $27 for a single trip, while return trips are priced between $60 and $70, depending on the distance..ouch!

When booking on the app, you must enter a couple details about your pet, pick up details etc. and submit to get a quote for your request. Depending on how many pets your have and how many passengers join, the app will cater to your needs and match a driver.

Once a rider is matched you will get a confirmation email and be charged only once it is matched. You’ll need a credit/debit card as it charges directly to your card and there are no cash payment options. (I’ve hidden details for privacy purposes)

The system is smooth, but not recommended if you are looking for fast or urgent bookings as the match takes at least 30 minutes or more in my experience.

Overall, I am happy with PetMate services as it caters to my needs and since it is not so mainstream compared to other companies they are flexible in terms of how many pets/ passengers can join. They offer customer service through Facebook messenger which is useful too.

However, when I am tight on cash or need a car urgently, I would opt for other services.


Professionalism: ★★★– Standard, chat with the driver via app

Price: ★★★★★ – Only $3-$4 more than a standard car on the same app

Speed: ★★★★

Available on the app store and google play, RYDE is a carpooling system with private hired vehicles. Within that, there is an option called RydePet, which allows you to bring your pet with you.

The website explains that the drivers are “drivers who are comfortable with having pets in their cars. Meet other pet lovers and exchange tips as you share the ride.” They are professional in the fact that they are reliable and on time, however my experience with the chat function of the app itself was not so great.

The chats have a lag from a couple minutes to hours, in which I had multiple messages from the drivers asking for me to confirm the booking.

Also, there also always needed to be a verification from the driver after every booking that the booking was indeed confirmed even after it was already confirmed in the app itself. Not sure whether it’s the app functionality or the driver but this is why I ranked it low in professionalism.

Price wise, it is only a couple more dollars than a standard car on the app, so it’s a great option for when you want to go out with your furry loved ones on the weekends without breaking the bank.

Example: 2km RydePet: $12, Ryde: $8.50

Getting a ride can take a couple minutes, but once you get a match you can expect wait times around 8-15 minutes depending on the availability of drivers.

Another plus I found about this app is that you can book rides up to 7 days in advance with card or cash payments.

For every trip you will have a trip summary which comes in handy for future bookings.

Overall, RydePet is my go to option for pet transport for now, because it’s speedy and the prices are very reasonable.

The only ask would be for more friendly drivers and an improvement on the app functionality.


Professionalism: TBD

Price: ★★★★ – $7-$8 more than a standard car on the same app

Speed: TBD

Available on the app store and google play, Grab offers a wide range of transport options such as carpooling/ private taxis with private hired vehicles. Within that, there is an option called GrabPet, which allows you to bring your pet with you.

Originally I used UberPets alot but, Uber was bought by Grab and so that option was not available anymore. However, GrabPets is meant to be the replacement of UberPets.

The reason I have listed it but not ranked it is because till this day, I have tried to get a GrabPet 3 times, however failed miserably all times due to the unavailability of drivers.

The website explains “All GrabPet driver-partners have undergone pet-handling training with a certified pet trainer to ensure that your pet is in safe hands.” Recently I spoke with a GrabPet driver and he informed me that due to the extensive training it takes and the limited resources, there is not enough trained staff which leads to the scarce amount of GrabPet drivers.

I will have to wait and see how the services are but as far as I can see, the prices on the app are slightly more expensive than RydePet, but seem reasonable.

Example: 2km GrabPet: $20, Grab (Standard Cab): $12

Here is the breakdown of fees from the app, so you can decide for yourself:

Do you have any other pet transport recommendations ? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!



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